Original Fireplaces

We reclaim and restore original complete fireplaces from the twentieth century

Fireplace Hearths

We make fireplace hearths suitable for gas or solid fuel in many styles and sizes in tiles, slate, marble or limestone.

Fireplace Tiles

A large range of plain and specialised shaped tiles for fireplaces in a range of colours. They can be glazed to order.


Gas Stoves, Electric Stoves & Solid Fuel Stoves, some with boilers to heat domestic hot water on our "Happy Stoves" website.

Hand Made Mantels

A wide range of new fire surrounds in wood, stone and cast iron. Most wooden mantels can be made to any size

Special Offers & Ex Display items

Fireplaces, hearths and other items from our showrooms at reduced prices

Complete Tiled Fireplaces

Fireplaces that need no separate mantel, many in Art Deco styles.

Large Fireplaces

Larger Fireplaces made of tiles or marble, many in Art Deco styles.

Reclaimed Fireplace Inserts

We stock many restored fireplace inserts to suit original mantels.

Period Mantels

Reclaimed and restored fireplace mantels from the Edwardian era onwards

Baxi Burnall

The Baxi Burnall uses air from under the floor instead of the air in the room itself and so reduces draughts.

Hand Made Fireplace Inserts

We make period style fireplace inserts to go with wooden mantels

Marble Fireplaces

We make Marble Fireplaces in early 20th century Art Deco styles.

Fireplace Safety

Keep you and your family safe with carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors and combustible gas detectors.

Renewable and Recycled Fuel

Renewable and recycled fuels for open fires, stoves, pellet stoves, chimineas and fire-pits.