Chimney Balloons

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Why have an Open Chimney?

When using solid fuel your chimney allows smoke to escape. This prevents coughing, choking and possible death, which is a good thing.

Why block a Chimney?

Chimneys still work at extracting air when no fire is lit, which is not necessarily such a good thing. Heat can escape from the room and cold draughts can come down it.

What is a Chimney Balloon?

A chimney balloon is a specially engineered inflatable that will stay in place up your chimney for years if necessary but is designed to be used over and over again. It is a completely safe, economical and effective solution to a common problem.

Why use a Chimney Balloon?

The Chimney Balloon saves energy by blocking the chimney when it is not in use preventing heat from escaping from the room. It is a simple, cost-effective way to stop cold draughts coming down your chimney. It also keeps back soot, bird droppings, small burglars and probably Father Christmas.

Alternatives to the Chimney Balloon

You could block your fireplace with a board or bricks or seal the top of the chimney but you then can't use your fire whenever you feel like it. This will also cause your chimney to become damp since the bricks aren't breathing. You could also stuff lots of newspaper up the chimney but it is not an efficient or stable solution and possibly a fire risk. You could even get a party balloon, inflate it and stick it up the chimney. If it doesn't burst straight away it will soon shrivel and drop down embarrassingly into your fireplace opening.

The Chimney Balloon which will will stay in place for years in a chimney which is not in everyday use if necessary and stay inflated providing 'double glazing' for your fireplace. You can deflate it any time you want a fire and re-inflate it later. If you forget about it and light a fire anyway it shrivels and deflates. It's cheap, readily available and completely safe

Small Chimney Balloon
For chimney sizes up to 12 x 11 inches
Medium Chimney Balloon
For chimney sizes up to 23 x 14 inches (e.g. Victorian)
Large Chimney Balloon
For chimney sizes up to 30 x 18 inches (e.g. Georgian)
Small Lined Flue Chimney Balloon
For chimney sizes up to 9 x 9 inches
Large Lined Flue Chimney Balloon
For chimney sizes up to 12 x 12 inches
Chimney Balloon Mouth Inflation Hose
Inflate your chimney balloon without putting your head up the chimney
Bellows type Pump
Inflate your chimney balloon using your foot