Inset Solid Fuel Stoves

Inset Solid Fuel Stoves

Open fires can be wasteful on heat. We now sell the Stovax Riva and the Firewarm range of inset stoves that can solve this problem.

An inset stove can be incorporated into our tiled fireplaces making them around 4 times more efficient than an open fire. Almost all the designs of fireplace and insert that we make can be easily fitted with an inset stove.

We can adapt all our rectangular opening fire designs to accommodate the inset stoves yet still retain the hand crafted features such as the curved opening tiles and decorative patterns.

Regulations for new fireplace installations now demand high ventilation requirements for open flued fires. The "Firewarm" inset fireplace is a stove rated below 5kW which means that it requires no extra ventilation in a room.

stovax riva 55

Stovax riva 55

A very efficient inset glass fronted stove from the stovax range

£ 1630.00

Firewarm traditional insert

firewarm inset stove

A 4 kW Cast Iron Inset Stove designed to fit with a milner fireback

£ 450.00

Stovax Riva 40

stovax riva 40 cassette

The smallest inset stove from the top quality Stovax range.

£ 1375.00

Stovax riva 76

Landscape Wood burning inset stove from the Stovax range

£ 2095.00

Riva 66 multi fuel cassette

Riva 66 cassette inset stove

A Stovax inset cassette stove , maximum heat output 8 kw.

£ 1630.00

Stockton 7 inset stove

Stockton 7inset stove

The Stockton 7 inset is a variation of the Stockton 7 woodburning stove

£ 1255.00

Contemporary style inset stove

Contemporary style firewarm inset stove

A contemporary styled inset stove.

£ 920.00

Stockton 7 Boiler model inset stove

Stockton 7 Boiler model inset stove

Stockton 7 HBi is an inset stove with that can supply your domestic hot water and central heating

£ 1629.00